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Here’s a song I wrote about the very difficult issue of abortion. It will hopefully go on the new album I’m recording next year (to support click here).

And here’s the blurb I’ve put on youtube.

As a songwriter you always want to tell a story, give a message. But sometimes its tempting to run away from the messages closest to your heart because of the controversy it might cause. 

I’ve tried not to run away in this song. 

This is about a very difficult, complicated and painful issue – abortion. No one song can tell the whole story, and I do not attempt to. I’m only telling one side, one story – but I think it’s an important one to tell, because the story is of those who have literally no voice.

This song is not meant to condemn anyone – condemnation is inappropriate and unhelpful in this whole area.

But I do hope this song provokes discussion – discussion that is so desperately needed in this country, but is so often avoided.


Prepare for an e-mail, Facebook, twitter and everything else I can access onslaught!

I have now launched by campaign to raise money to record a new album in early 2012.
It’s simple really – you pledge money (£8 min) and you get the download of the album when it’s done, plus a bonus track. There are other goodies on offer too. Click here to find out more.

The album will feature BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Nominee Katriona Gilmore, the fabulous John Ellis on piano/hammond organ, Geth Griffiths on double bass and, of course, the Incredible Washboard Pete on percussion. The legendary Bill Leader will be producing and the whole thing will be recorded at Lime Field Studios in Manchester.

I’m really excited about this project, and have been waiting a while to lay down some particular tracks, so I’d love it if you could help make this possible.

Thanks for checking it out.


Michael Tinker is a professional musician and part of the Crowded House which is a church planting initiative in Sheffield and around the world. He's a follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, member of a Gospel Community, Musician and avid follower of fashion...

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