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So – only 10 days left to pledge, and we only need to raise £400… so if my maths are correct if 5 people each day pledge £8 (for which you will receive the album once its completed) then we will have enough money to record!

Please click here and help us over this last hurdle.

If this is the first you’re reading about the album you can find out more here.

The album will feature BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Nominee Katriona Gilmore on fiddle and mandolin, hammond-organ and piano extraordinaire John Ellis, the Incredible Washboard Pete II and Geth Griffiths who has played alongside the likes of James Morrison and Kathryn Jenkins. Also involved will be legendary producer Bill Leader who has worked with the Dubliners, Mike Harding, Ewan MacColl and many more.


Easy Tiger – By Ryan Adams

I’m listening to Ryan Adams a lot at the moment (not to be confused with Bryan Adams by the way). As a band we play a couple of his songs in our standard set. Lyrically Adams is poetic, musically he blends country (listen out for the lap steel and the banjo), with a more contemporary feel. What is interesting is that he faces the harsh realities of life and relationships very openly, which is illustrated in his 2007 album ‘Easy Tiger’.

On first listening there are some very catchy tunes, thoughtful numbers and even a jolly jig (Pearls on a String) in the middle. But as you read the lyrics you find a much darker world that Adams, at least poetically, inhabits. Read the rest of this entry »


The Arctic Monkeys.
Who are they?
They’re not a rare breed of the ape family who survive at very low temperatures.

If you haven’t heard of them before the Arctic Monkeys are a band who are topping the charts, and amazingly enough, they’re from Sheffield.

In fact they’re thoroughly Sheffield.
The great thing about them is they don’t feel any need to sing in an American accent and that endears me to them.
They use words like ‘owt’, ‘alreyt’, and phrases like ‘you’ve got a face on’…

They also don’t feel that to be artistic they have to use long, fancy sounding words, strung together in such a way that no one really knows what it means, except, for that very reason it must be clever…

No – the Arctic Monkeys do what musicians worth anything (at least in my opinion) will do – they sing about life.

So what do the Arctic Monkeys tell us about life? Read the rest of this entry »

Michael Tinker is a professional musician and part of the Crowded House which is a church planting initiative in Sheffield and around the world. He's a follower of Jesus, Husband, Father, member of a Gospel Community, Musician and avid follower of fashion...

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