Apparently me and my family live below the poverty line. So when you hear stats about x amount living in poverty… that’s us! We own a house, car, enjoy meals with friends, a holiday, dvds… but apparently we still live in poverty.

Don’t worry – this isn’t leading up to the launch of an appeal to ‘save the tinker children’. In fact I think these stats say a lot more about materialism and what our society thinks are basic living standards and rights than it does true poverty.

Sure, we don’t have two cars, we don’t watch tv, eat out much or go to the cinema. But I don’t feel like this is poverty. I hope that’s in part to God gradually teaching me the secret of contentment – Jesus. He is enough – and by that I mean he is everything I need – really enough.

By no means have I fully learned this, but maybe all this talk of poverty is an opportunity to ponder the one who entered poverty so we could be rich.

Oh, and if you really want to help those in poverty, go here.