It was interesting listening to an interview the other day on BBC radio 5 Live and hearing a rather surprising, though familiar phrase…

I can’t remember what problem a new scheme was trying to address but the intetviewer said ‘what you really want to do is wave a magic wand and change human nature – that’s the heart of it…’

I was quite stunned. Of course he had hit the nail on the head. For all these schemes, government projects, incentives, ASBO’s, people will keep doing wrong things… Because the problem is the human heart that no project can get at.

The problem is we all want to be saviours, and so we end up ignoring the only one who can change hearts.

After the interviewer had said about the problem of human mature, it was interesting that the interviewee responded ‘yes, the problem of human behaviour’. A subtle, but incredibly significant shift. But what he did was take it back into a realm that we can have some control over. When it comes to behaviour we have all sorts of weapons in out arsenal – manipulation, bribery, punishment, physical restraint, shame…

But which of these bring lasting change? God says, and history testifies that none of them do. Praise God then for Jesus.