I noticed in a school a plan for assemblies up on the wall. The theme for the half term was ‘perseverance’.

Great topic, and as I scanned down the titles it looked quite good – ‘Perseverance… with the truth’ (Jeremiah), ‘perseverance…to finish the job’ (Nehemiah).

And then I came to the last one: ‘perseverance…and self belief’. What Bible passage would they use for this? …’the hare and the tortoise’.

It was quite striking. It’s not surprising that they aren’t using a Bible text for this since the Bible never gives self-belief as a ground for perseverance.

In fact, quite the opposite. In 1 Corinthians 15 Paul gives a surprising basis for perseverance – the resurrection. It’s the fact that we will be raised from the dead that we can keep going, even when that means dying every day as Paul says he does in the same chapter.

Self-belief? More like God-belief.