On the 5live news this morning there was a report about a new study advising giving financial incentives (or as they put it ‘insentivising’ ed. Is that a real word?!) to people who need to lose weight.

The thinking behind it was that although losing weight has its own benefits they tend not to be seen for some years. Giving out money now brings ‘the benefits into the present’.

I thought this was incredibly telling. We are so enslaved by our desire for gratification now that we cannot even stay relatively healthy in order not to be at greater risk of dying young.

In light of 1 Cor 15 that my gathering was looking at on Sunday, this was even more stark. There Paul lives his life in light of something that could be a long time in the future. In fact he not only gives up some nice treats for this future, but ‘dies every day’.

The gospel really does transform. I think sometimes we want a bite-sized version, a readers digest where we can skim over the parts that loom too difficult. I know that’s where my heart often goes. So I pray that i’ll know what Paul means when he lives, and dies, in light of the resurrection.