Ok, its not going to work very well as a nursery rhyme, but I wanted to share this illustration Steve Timmis used the other day in conversation (with some elaboration)….

There is rightly more and more talk about ‘affection’, thanks to the likes of Piper and his hero Jonathan Edwards. We all have affection for something – that is there’s something that captures our attention, imagination, time, effort, hopes, fears… What the gospel does is redirects our affection towards God.

But how? Through whipping up emotion in worship sessions? There is a very important place for music stirring the emotions (see Edwards again). But often my affection is far from God. So what should I do? Cue story…

Imagine Will and Affection are going out for a walk. They come to the bottom of a hill and Will turns to Affection and says ‘over that hill is the most beautiful view you’ve ever seen.’

Affection of course is not impressed. He can’t see it, and worse still he can see a nice bench at the bottom of the hill. He’s tired and not about to waste more energy to see a view that may or may not he quite nice.

But Will is not to be deterred. He grabs Affection and drags him kicking and screaming up the hill.

As the finally come over the crest of the hill Affection’s jaw drops… And he simply says ‘wow’.

I have to say that Will has had to do this with my Affection many times. But low and behold every time that Will is acting on a promise of God, I’m left saying ‘wow’.