Oh dear.

One of those films that promised so much – great director: Ridley Scott, fantastic actors: Russel Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Max Von Sydow… and delivered…

I’d say a collection of film cliches, moments lifted straight out of Gladiator (although this time son of a murdered father… rather than the other way around) and the most mixed up accent I have ever heard.

Russel Crowe plays Robin Longstride – from the midlands. I spent most of the film wondering where his accent would wounder to next… bit of irish one moment, scouse, and occasionally a Yorkshire/Nottinghamshire twang. I don’t know why some directors have such love-affairs with particular actors. I would have thought in this situation getting at least an englishman would have helped.

We had (like in ‘Prince of Theives’) some phenomenal travel (Nottingham to the south coast in…?) As well as an interesting mix of what seemed to be northern valleys mixed with the southern white horses.

And the cliches… ouch. Even a oscar-winning ‘nooooooooo’ in slow-motion from ol’ Crowe.

It’s a long way from the edginess of Alien and Blade Runner, and even Gladiator.

On the positive side:

  • little swearing and no s ex
  • and it cost us £1 each to get in…

Other than that I’d say – if you haven’t seen it, possibly wait until it comes out on DVD, but even then only watch it once you’ve got through every other film you’ve been meaning to watch… I guarantee they’ll be better.