Over the past couple of evenings we’ve been kicking off ‘Grace Abounds’ – seeking to engage the issue of abortion with our Gospel Communities. We’ve been talking through what abortion is, the Gospel issue surrounding it and so how we can be sharing the gospel in engaging with it, and other practical things we can be doing to support mums and families and care for those in need.

Last night when we were talking about the termination of later pregnancies (20-24 weeks) someone asked a question that really struck me. To terminate these late pregnancies doctors have to inject potassium via a long needle into the babies heart to kill it before the mother gives birth.

Someone asked wouldn’t it be easy to give birth first and then to do this to the child?

The reason they don’t?

Because once born the child has rights of protection.

It made me think of stories like ‘Cry Freedom’ where someone is trapped and in extreme danger in their own country, in danger from the very government that should be protecting them. However all they have to do is get across the boarder into another country and they’ll be safe. If they can only get across literally a line, then the government from the other country will protect them.

It seems like its an impossible task – the government determined to stop them – but then the joy and relief when they cross the boarder! Freedom! Safety!

All those babies need is to be born to be safe and protected.

I’m happy here

Why do you stop my heart?

Curled, protected from the world

But in danger from your hands

(from ‘First Do No Harm’ – you can hear the full song here.)