This morning as I headed out my door to the office I could sense the light rain before I felt it land on my recently gelled hair. I looked up at the sky to see the offending cloud but the sky was blue.

As I rounded the corner a beautiful rainbow streaked across the sky rising out of the tops of the flats opposite my road.

It got me thinking about God’s promises. It’s struck me a lot recently as I’ve been engaging pastorally with people how often we believe the lies Satan pumps out. And we believe them so easily. The lie that man is to be feared. The lie that I am in control, or when I find that I am not, the lie that I should be in control. The lie that life and satisfaction is to be found in lust.

But we see the desctructiveness of these lies over and over again. Stress indicates to us that all is not well when we seek to be in control. And yet we indulge the stress, we talk about it as if it is just what I am going through right now and that the remedy is running from the problem – on holiday, or to bed, or to solitude.

We would do well to look at a rainbow from time to time and remember God’s promises. His promises that he is in control, that he is to be feared – not man, his promise to give us life – to the full! But that life is found in losing our lives.

I preached an evangelistic message on Sunday from Revelation 12:7-12. There Satan has no place accusing us anymore before God. But that’s not because we’ve been successful in keeping God’s law. It’s not because we’re moral and good. It’s not because we’ve found excuses for why we have failed (like the classic ‘I was tired’). It’s because of the blood of the lamb and a changed life where we no longer live for self, but testify about our lord and are willing to give up our lives (Rev 12:11).

That is freedom – being able to give up our lives at any moment for our Lord and for others. And freedom is found in believing God’s promises.

Just check out that rainbow…