I’ve just set up a new website that not only sells Doc Brown tracks, CD’s and tickets for gigs, but will also be selling the new Crowded House CD.

No, sadly we’ve not done a deal with the award-winning New Zealand band. In fact, to avoid copyright issues we will have to call the band on the CD something different.

We’re in the process of recording various songs written by people in the Crowded House network of churches, including Tim Chester, Rob Spink, myself and Del Delahoyde. We use these songs in public ‘worship’ and thought it was about time we got them done on record. So, the ‘House Band’ is putting together versions of these songs, aiming to have them ready for the Total Church conference in February 2010.

Anyway – you can go and have a look now, and come back to check in Feb 2010 to get your copy of the new CD.