A number of people ask me what a ‘Gospel Community’ is about – how it differs from a small group or a home group.

Well, last night I had the best experience of what a Gospel Community is about and it may give you a glimpse of what I’m talking about…

A bunch of us set-up for our monthly music cafe ‘Live @ 215’ and a non-Christian, ‘Y’ was there with us. Afterwards we went to get chips and then back to a house where 3 people from our GC live where we sat around chatting and eating.

One of the girls, Laura then raised the question that she raised on a internet discussion board we have – what is forgiveness. It meant we got talking about the Bible – relaxed, down-to-earth, bible-centred, applicable discussion. Nothing forced, nothing weird – we just talked about the struggles of life and what the Bible says about it.

Y then joined in. She raised her struggle of essentially fearing that people will hurt her – so her question was how do you choose friends who won’t hurt you. I then told her about what Jesus says about the subject – there were lots of people who wanted to hurt him, but he was able to love them and forgive them because he always followed his father.

Y then said ‘was Jesus happy?’ She had noticed that on crucifixes Jesus’ head is always hung down, so she figured he must be sad. She then said ‘I think that maybe he did that so other people could be happy – that really impress me’.

What a great way of putting it! Y seemed to grasp Jesus doing something in our place, for us and the pain he went through – and she sees that and says basically ‘what a guy’!

She then talked about how she tries to be like that, to be selfless. So I said that we can try hard, but we’ll never be able to do it on our own. But Jesus says if we follow him and say he is our king, then he gives us his spirit – Jesus actually comes to live in us – and he helps us to be like him. I said to her that if she wants Jesus to be her king she can have that too.

And then we all prayed – about all sorts of things – for non-xians, thanking God for friends, for Jesus, praying for people…

That in a nut-shell is what Gospel Community is about – a community serving others (here it was through live @ 215); normal conversation that was full of the gospel; a non-christian hearing that and being challenged by what she heard; non-christians being called to follow Jesus; a people who are ready to talk to their father about anything and everything.

Probably not all of this will go on in one night, but that’s not a problem – its about this being the mark of who we are throughout the week. It’s great to see Jesus at work among his people.