Hi all

My band are bringing out a new album, ‘In Our Backyard’ next Tuesday. Its a live album of 10 live tracks, plus a bonus studio track.IMG_5951_edit_B&W

You can hear samples from the album at http://www.myspace.com/ukdocbrown and if you want a copy just e-mail me at ukdocbrown@hotmail.com and we’ll sort you out with one (£10 + £1p&p).

You can also get the bonus track for free if you join out mailing list at http://www.reverbnation.com/docbrownandthedeloriansofsound (or there’s a link on the myspace page). You can then download ‘Breathe’. Just remember to put in your city when you sign up and then you won’t get a load of e-mails about gigs not in your area.

It’s probably worth saying that we’re not a ‘Christian band’ – 3 of the band are Christian, 3 are not. However, because I write most of the lyrics, they’re inevitably shaped by what I believe. For instance the song ‘My Dear’ I wrote few years ago when, one evening, it was very obvious what a rubbish husband I am! So I sat down and wrote a song about it. And the song finishes pointing my wife to the husband. Also ‘When Everything will be made new (Part I and II)’ is about seeing suffering, struggling with suffering, but it pointing me to the day when everything will be made new…

There’s also some more lighthearted songs, like Monkfish – our ode to 70’s cop drama’s…

Hope you enjoy it!