We’ve been looking at Revelation in our church over the past few weeks and we’re now embarking on a section looking at specific issues of our age, such as justice, economics, politics and seeing how Revelation speaks into and helps us critique the idols of our own day.

I introduced this section with a quick recap and a worked example of how Revelation helps us engage with issues today.

The topic I looked at was Abortion. I’ll put my talk on a future post.

It was quite possibly the hardest sermon I have ever come to. I rarely come close to crying in a public setting, but yesterday there were tears in my eyes.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time in South Africa and once I asked a friend there how come the white Christians didn’t speak out more against the horrors of apartheid? It’s so easy to sit here, 20 years on and be baffled as to why Christians didn’t campaign more, get involved, reflecting God’s care for the outcasts and the vulnerable.

I honestly believe that people in years to come will look back on our age with the same questions regarding our engagement with the issue of abortion. They will be asking ‘how did they not get more involved?! Could they not see the genocide going on right in front of them?’

The problem in John’s day was that people couldn’t see the Empire for what it was – they only saw the trade in fine clothes etc, but not the trade in human souls (Revelation 18:11-13). John unmasks these beasts and shows them for what they are, calling God’s people to ‘come out of her’ and be a radically different community.

We need to do that with this issue of abortion.

Watch this space…