On Monday I became a supported elder at our church TCH Sharrow Vale. This means I have more time given over to thinking, planning and developing the work here.TCH East Side Project

So it was very exciting that at the first elders meeting I was chairing we talked about an ‘East Side Project’.

In most cities in the UK, the east side of the city is the most deprived, both in secular terms and also gospel terms. The secular reason is that the prevailing wind in the UK is from west to east, which then blows all the nasty factory fumes across to the east side of the city. Hence the rich people move upwind to the nice clean part of the city.

That’s certainly the case in Sheffield. Fulwood, which I understand is one of the richest suburbs outside of London, is on the west side of the city, and the Manor, once one of the worst housing estates in the UK is on the east side of the city.

And where are most of the evangelical churches (including our own TCH churches)? On the north-west to south-west side of the city.

If you were to put a clock face over a map of the city you’d find that its roughly the 11 o’clock to 5 o’clock side of the city that is in great need.

So we want to get this project into people’s consciousness (and consciences). At the moment it has no bones let alone flesh. However we pray that as we show people the need some would come up to us and say ‘when can we move?!’

For the sake of the spread of the gospel in this country, may this be our experience.