Last night we had the bi-monthly get together of TCH UK leaders (the acronyms just get longer…). We got talking about Value 2, mission through community (as the context for value 1 – the gospel, community in mission).

One of the things we need to do to encourage wider mission is recognising the opportunities that our work places provide. Sometimes we can talk of our work as simply the means to enable us to do things with others in the evening or the weekend. However we need to encourage people to see the great value our witness, especially our communal witness, has in the work place.

Someone mentioned how we need to recognise the way people are involved in blessing the city through their work. So I thought I would do a quick list of how our gospel community (South View) bless the city through our work:

Encouraging green methods of transport (2 members work in the council)

Serving and teaching children with learning disabilities (2 members work at a special needs school)

Teaching childen (2 others are teachers)

Serving medical patients (Medical Secretary)

Helping the economy, and identitifying abusers of our laws (1 person works in the Home Office)

Serving local mums (1 person helping with a mum’s and toddlers group while waiting for her own baby)

Blessing workers and dealing with difficult issues from a godly perspective (1 person in a management position at a company)

Involved in the cultural side of the city (1 person works in the box office of a venue)

I’m sure the list goes on…

How does your church bless the city through their work?