We are expecting our firstborn.. ooo… sometime in the next few weeks.

Anyway, we’ve been going along to ante-natal classes and something struck me as slightly interesting (don’t worry – I haven’t been falling asleep at the rest of it…).

We were talking, not surprisingly about the pain of child birth. The midwife asked the group what pain normally indicates. I responded by saying that it normally tells us that something is wrong. However, as the midwife pointed out, in the case of child birth, it is quite normal. It isn’t indicating things are wrong – in fact things are right.

Two things struck me about this.
1. This just seems to confirm that it is something given by God. The pain does not warn the body of a malfunction and yet it is there.
2. The pain does actually warn us that something is wrong – not the birth itself, but that there is something fundamentally wrong with us and the world. It is another reminder that things are not right between us and God – that is until that birth 2000 years ago when the serpent crusher was born.