I don’t normally get soppy about things, but this evening we had such an encouraging meeting as a gospel community that I just had to write about it.

This morning we met together, broke bread before we ate, had some great food, talked about the challenges from the talk on Sunday, talked about things we had to praise God for (and there was so much!), praised God for those things, talked about why we don’t have regular formal meetings (see my blog on the TCH website if you’re wondering what I’m talking about) which led to helpful discussion about how we are going to grow as a community, we talked about some practical things and then a couple of us raised some decisions we’re going to need to make in the near future for discussion.

It has been really encouraging to see people growing, welcoming in new members of the group, caring for each other, getting to know people who don’t know Jesus and seeking to share the gospel and their lives with them.

We are by no means a perfect community! There is a way to go. But there is much to praise God for. God is good and it is such a joy being able to witness him in action.