Yesterday we had two more baptisms. It is always such a pleasure to see God changing yet another person’s heart. This time it was an 8 year old and a fella in his mid-twenties. They couldn’t be more contrasting. The 8 year old is from a middle class family. The mid-twenty year old is covered in tattoos and lives on a housing estate a team from our church have been living on and seeking to reach for a number of years. In fact he’s the first convert we’ve witnessed from that estate. Isn’t God great?!

What has also been encouraging is the responses we’ve heard about from Christians in South Africa to the situation of violence around them. It has warmed my heart to hear of people going to the places where there is need, taking in families who are homeless. We should be giving glimpses of the future where there will be a tree that will be ‘for the healing of the nations’. It is so encouraging to hear of people living that reality out in front of those around them, at great danger and cost to themselves. Let’s pray that people will listen more to the words that have been spoken for so long about the good news of Jesus in that land, since there is evidence of that good news in action around them.