I found this very helpful from Tim Chester’s blog on prayer. I’m feeling a distinct lack of ‘fire in my belly’ at the moment. It could just be I’m tired. But it always concerns me. What should I do? Certainly not give up! But perhaps what Tim says about faith can apply not only to our approach to prayer meetings but to the rest of life. Out of faith I do my duty in loving God and loving his people – faith that it will lead to joy as I know it does.

“… As is so often the case, I’ve found my heart sinking when it has been time to go to another prayer meeting. I’ve dragged myself out through duty. But each time I then found great encouragement and joy in praying with others. I think this is an important thing to realise about the Christian life. If it is a life of joy, why do we need so often to act out of duty and self-discipline? The answer is, I think, that it is through duty and discipline that we discover, or rediscover, the joy. Duty, then, becomes an act of faith. I act out of duty because by faith I believe it will lead to joy – joy here on earth and joy in heaven.”