On Sunday I’m preaching on Acts 17 and what I’ve found most striking is the passion with which Paul reacts to the idols that he sees around the city of Athens (for the NIV ‘greatly distressed’ read ‘roused to anger’). His passion reflects God’s passion. Paul is concerned for justice, and where people are following idols justice is absent. God is not being recognised and praised as God and that is unjust.

So I thought I’d go on a little ‘idol walk’ of my own, and these are some of the idols I came across…

p1010607.jpg p1010609.jpg




So how does Paul react when he sees idolatry?

What is interesting is that he doesn’t go on a big idol smashing trip. Instead he tells people, in the synagogues, in the Market Place and finally in the Areopagus, about who God really is, and that he has revealed himself in the risen man, Jesus.

He teaches them how God is creator, sustainer, sovereign over history and Father, all challenging the philosophical ideas of those around him.

But what is most important is that he also teaches that this God is judge of everything, and that justice will be done through the judge he has appointed, Jesus. The declaration of this is the resurrection.

God is clearly passionate about the issue of idolatry. But are we?