I’ve just finished eating a Braai and giving a presentation on our Crowded House values. It’s been a good time. The church here at ‘Church on the Ridge’ is very similar to TCH Sharrow Vale, agreement on our values and trying to think how to effectively plant from a larger church setting with the issue of leaders a familiar refrain.

What was exciting was not so much my presentation (not a surprise!) but the discussions after, people trying to think through the issues, the problems, the dangers, their own setting and work out what it is to be the people of God.

I won’t write too much more about it as it’s hard to relate a conversation that lasted a good hour or two (plus the conversations we’ve been having with Sam Groves in the day), but it has been great to work through these things with this church and I do pray there will be great gospel growth as this church looks to how it can grow and reach those in Maritzburg.