Today we met with two guys from Durbanville, outside of Cape Town. Colin Banfield contacted Steve Timmis a couple of months ago interested in some of the training material that are being produced for Porterbrook Training ( Since me and Jo were coming to the country we thought it’d make sense to meet face to face and chat a bit.

Colin brought along one of his colleagues, Mark Parris. We felt a real affinity with them both as we talked about what’s happening in the Crowded House and what they are doing up in Durbanville. They have a real passion to see church be a community where there is a vitality that others can see and there witness the gospel in action. It was so encouraging how on so many points we were nodding and agreeing with each other.

There is a new housing development being built near them and so they are wanting to think through how to reach that area. They are looking to plant small churches/communities there that will reach those people. They really are trying to think outside the box on this. In addition they are looking for ways to partner with other churches who have the same vision for planting and how they can facilitate training and further planting. It really was exciting to hear about their desire to engage with those around them, asking questions of how best to reach those people without preconceived ideas about what that will look like (beyond the gospel being the same).