Today we met with two church planters, Norman Clack and Dave West.

First we met with Norman over a nice strawberry smoothie, coffee and various drinks down in ‘Woolworths’ (woolworths here is different to in England – it is more like M&S). Norman has been involved in ministry for almost two decades now and has recently planted a church with his wife in a very rich area of town called Westcliff. This may sound like one of those ‘really hard ministries’ that God seems to call a lot of people to… but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed it is a beautiful area and the house they meet in is an 1890’s mansion with stunning views and a fantastic garden. But reaching the people around there is a hard job. With walls higher than the Fort Knox, armed security guards, you get the impression they don’t want to receive visitors. So what are Norman and his church to do? Well they’ve been going around the area, praying for the people there and putting a leaflet into their letterboxes (those who have them!). But what has struck them as they’ve gone round is that there are a number of ‘communities’ to be reached in this area. There are of course the people who live in the houses, but there are also the people who work in the houses and the security guards outside. One of the things they plan to do is to put on talks addressing the issues of people in this area, such as parenting classes (apparently 37 seconds it the average time per day a father in the Randburg area spends interacting with his children), talks addressing family and marriage since there is such a high divorce rate.

Norman also has a desire to see more people trained for church planting. As such they have a great building to do classes and also host people for a time to do training. They’ve also teamed up with a couple of other churches to support each other in the work.

Norman wants his church to be an ‘Acts 2 church’ – a ‘community of believers that loved each other with a radical kind of love’. His tag line on a leaflet explaining what the church is about it ‘Being Church, Doing Life’. Check out their website at