Apparently the Advertising Standards Agency in the UK have pulled an advert for ‘ghd’ – hair styling products. They had a grand total of 23 complaints about an advert that combined ‘e rotic images’ with lines from the Lords prayer.

You can view the advert on ghd’s website –

But let me say, it’s not as bad as it appears from the article on the BBC website ( The advert does feature women, who let’s say are not exactly dressed for a cold winters night,¬† all speaking in different languages with religious/catholic overtones. There’s candles and rosary beads and so on. The last woman speaks in English and she is praying that a fella will dump his girlfriend tonight and come home with her. The tag line is ‘ghd – Thy will be done’. Under the ghd logo are the words ‘a new religion for hair’.

I’m a bit disappointed that they’ve pulled this advert as it is a great talking point. What does this new religion do? Exactly what religions always do – ultimately they serve me. Of course it is quite crude as is fitting a new religion of the West, but it speaks of the heart of religion – god doing my will.

The beauty of following Christ is of course that these words ‘thy will be done’ are anything but self-serving. When Jesus uttered similar words in the garden of Gethsemane he was saying to God that he was prepared to go and take all of God’s wrath for the rebellion, the pain, the hurt caused by his people. He was saying that he was willing to go to hell for others. The otherperson centeredness of Christ is the complete opposite to what we see in that advert. But the contrast just shows how beautiful and unique Jesus is.

I say – lets have more adverts that expose the deep-rooted selfishness of humanity, even in the name of religion, and let’s take the opportunity to point the way to one who really is our ‘beautiful Saviour’.