If what we discovered in the last post is correct then it makes culture just as important to spend time redeeming as picking up litter, cleaning off graffiti, maintaining parks and gardens.

When we engage with culture by doing it, we are joining God in his work of redeeming everything and bringing all things under Jesus.

We have such a privilege and responsibility to take something that has been corrupted by sin and show the world hints of what is to come in the new creation.
By redeeming culture we can be pointing to what God is doing with the rest of the world through Christ.

Ok – so we should redeem culture.
But does that mean we should come out with more ‘Christian songs’?
Should we only paint pictures of Jesus?
Should we only write books where everything is good and nice?

Please – no!

To mistake niceness, and a rosy view of the world for redemption is to seriously miss the point.

We as Christians should do the best culture.
We should produce the best songs, the best books, the best films, the best pictures, the best gardens, the best plays…

Because the story that we are communicating through all these mediums is one that meets every facet of human existence head on.
But it doesn’t do this with glib statements, like Bob Marley’s ‘Everythings gonna be alright’.

Rather it looks at a world that is broken, that is messy, where there is suffering and pain, where we can’t always answer why that is the case.
It looks at the broken marriages and families, the murder, the suicide, the devastation of nature and it says ‘yes – that is what the world is like’.
But then the story offers true hope in a God who is redeeming everything.

As we’ll be finding out from Job, this doesn’t mean everything’s rosy or neat, but it does mean there’s a solid rock on which to stand in the midst of all this mess.

As Christians we should be showing all facets of this story in our culture doing.
We should be able to talk openly and honestly about the mess the world’s in.
We should then be able to point to hope, and salvation, and redemption.
We should be able to point to a heaven on earth where the ravages of sin will be absent and life will flourish.

When something is used properly it’s going to work best.
So our celebration of creativity and culture should be the best around, because we will be doing so in the way it was intended to be done – in a way that points back to God.

What ways can we do this?
What gifts/opportunities/ideas do we have?