Group work ::
Back into your groups I’d like you to write down all the reasons you think we as Christians don’t spend much time ‘doing’ culture.

I think the main problem is that we don’t think that doing culture is very important.
We enjoy it, but doing it would take a lot more effort and time.
Surely we as Christians have more important things to do.
All this culture stuff seems the privilege of spoilt middle class youths, who reckon they’ve got so much to say about the pains of life, but wouldn’t no pain if a hammer hit them on their head.
Surely we as Christians should be spending our time with the marginalised, the broken, the people who don’t have the money, nor the inclination to engage with ‘culture’?
Surely we should be spending our time reading the Bible, praying, being at meetings of the church, going to Christian conferences.

Although all those things may well be good, I think we’ve got it all wrong if we think that culture is not important enough for us to spend time doing culture ourselves.

In the last two sessions we talked about how films and songs tell stories and we compared them to the big story of the Bible – Creation/Fall/Redemption/Consummation

Well this big story not only gives us a platform from which to engage with culture, but it also is the story that shapes how and why we should do culture as well.