The past couple of sessions we’ve looked at engaging with film and music – i.e. Culture that other people are producing, and we are enjoying!

In the final session, I want to look at our responsibility to engage with culture by doing some.

When looking at an issue like ‘culture’ we can be in danger of having quite a restricted view.
We may see culture as ‘high culture’ – opera’s or theatre. Things you have to dress up for and pay lots of money.

But as a working definition I’d like to call culture ‘creativity’.
Doing culture is being creative and sharing that with others in the community.

Group work

With that definition split into groups and write down all the things you can think of that could be considered ‘culture’.

As I was thinking about this session it struck me that a lot of people dedicate a lot of time to being creative.
Actors in a film have really long days, for months on end.
Musicians travel miles to each gig, performing late into the night, just to move on to the next town in the morning.
People put a lot of time into culture.

But it struck me that a lot of us Christians don’t.
We enjoy a lot of culture – just look at your DVD or CD collection, or the number of books on your shelf.
But we don’t do much of it ourselves.