Engaging with Culture :: Film – Part III 

Finally I want to put forward 9 ‘world-view questions’ we can ask of a film to try and identify how the story is being told. I’ve also included some film titles that I think illustrate these particular points.

1. What does the film reflect about being human? (Million Dollar Baby; Schindler’s List)

2. What kind of universe exists? Is it naturalistic or supernaturalistic? (Donnie Darko; Star Trek)

3. How does the story reflect history? Is it fatalistic or do choices determine history? (Sliding Doors; Twelve Monkeys)

4. How is evil portrayed? (Hannibal; Taxi Driver)

5. Does existence have meaning? (Collateral)

6. How does the film deal with the issue of justice? (Kill Bill; To Catch a Fire; Gladiator)

7. How does it reflect relationships? (The Last Kiss; The GodFather; Heartlands)

8. Is there redemption in the film? Who needs saving? Who is the Messiah? (Whale Rider; The Matrix)

9. Does the story have hope when looking to the future? (The French Connection; Lord of the Rings)