Back in May we planted a new church called ‘TCH South View’ that I have been involved in leading. We planted it on what might be called a probation period, with the help of our resident austalian, Steve McAlpine. The McAlpines are returning to Australia in two weeks and so the time came to make the decision about whether the church would be able to continue under mine and Duncan McIntyre’s leadership…

The decision was made that in fact we weren’t ready. We need more time to grow as leaders before we’ll be able to lead a church without significant input from someone more experience like Steve McAlpine.

So, last wednesday we had the final meeting of TCH South View. It was a really good evening. We spent time listing all the blessings that God has shown us over the past six months and they have been many! (You’ll be able to read a lot of them on this blog). We also wrote out our hopes for the future.

Because of all the mission opportunties we’ve had, the growing relationships in the music community and with the street drinkers down London Road we’ve decided to continue working as a ‘team’. That is we’re getting stuck in with TCH Sharrow Vale (the church we planted from) as our main family. But we’re also meeting once a week as a team to pray specifically for the mission that we’re involved with.

Although its been sad leaving TCH South View behind, I’m also finding it exciting what God will do in the coming months. He never ceases to suprise me! I hope that still working as a team will really focus us on what being a community is about – mission. It is very easy in household church to get cosy. Thankfully with our church lots of mission has been happening. But this move will show up what is really at our heart – is it a cosy group (which we’ve lost) or being a community in mission (which will continue!)?

Watch this space…!