On Sunday I was preaching on Acts 8 and comparing the religion of Simon and his thirst for power, with the Christianity of the Ethiopian eunuch and his humility in wanting the person of Jesus.

It is striking how what we often really want is the things God gives us rather than God himself. So when we don’t get those ‘things’ we get down, upset or even depressed.

But listen to Christian, from the Pilgrim’s Progress:

prudence: …what is it that makes you so desirous to go to Mount Zion?

Christian: Why, there i hope to see him alive, that did hang dead on the Cross; and there I hope to be rid of all those things, that to this day are in me, an annoyance to me; there they say there is no death and there I shall dwell with such Company as I like best. For to tell you truth, I love him, because I was by him eased of my burden, and I am weary of my
inward sickness; I would fain be where I shall die no more, and with the Company that shall continually cry, Holy, Holy, Holy.

God is gracious; he gives us so much, not least freedom from our sin. But how much are we content with knowing Jesus? That’s what Christian can’t wait for – being able to be with the one who has freed him, “for to tell you truth, I love him…”