The Arctic Monkeys.
Who are they?
They’re not a rare breed of the ape family who survive at very low temperatures.

If you haven’t heard of them before the Arctic Monkeys are a band who are topping the charts, and amazingly enough, they’re from Sheffield.

In fact they’re thoroughly Sheffield.
The great thing about them is they don’t feel any need to sing in an American accent and that endears me to them.
They use words like ‘owt’, ‘alreyt’, and phrases like ‘you’ve got a face on’…

They also don’t feel that to be artistic they have to use long, fancy sounding words, strung together in such a way that no one really knows what it means, except, for that very reason it must be clever…

No – the Arctic Monkeys do what musicians worth anything (at least in my opinion) will do – they sing about life.

So what do the Arctic Monkeys tell us about life?

Well for them life isn’t all Hollywood romance, boy meets girl, girl is stunning, boy is charming, they get together and live happily ever after.

No – for the Arctic Monkeys life is about normality.
It’s about getting a taxi ride to High Green via Hillsborough.
It’s about kids wearing reebock and tracky bottoms tucked into their socks, playing ring tones instead of music. There’s no romance there, they sing.
Life is cheesy bands playing at weddings, pretending to be from San Francisco, when in fact they’re from Hunter’s Bar.
Life is about getting chased by the cops, drinking under age, getting kicked out of night clubs.
Life is about the fact that its not always cuddles in the kitchen. Sometimes your girlfriend can really be a mardy bum.
It’s about the fact that there are ‘scumbags’ in this city who run prostitutes.

And do you know what?
They’re right.
That’s where real life is for many many people.

And so that’s where Jesus went when he traveled around 2000 years ago.
He went to where real life happens.
He spent time with the prostitutes and ‘sinners’.
He hung out nor only with the normal and the rich, but the scumbags as well.

How much of this life do we know?
It’s very easy to live quite a protected life as an English Christian.
But Jesus didn’t look for such a life.
He went to where real life was at.
He went to the kind of places that the Arctic Monkeys sing about.

So next time your traveling around your city, try and look at it how the Arctic Monkeys look at it.
See the life of the city that is happening all around you, from the lowest to the greatest.

And then take a second look, but this time as Jesus would see it. See people, from the lowest to the greatest, with all their problems and brokenness and see how lost they are.
But doing that will mean you then have to go to those places and those people, hang out with them, and share with them the hope of the gospel.