We often talk about the ‘three strand model’ of evangelism: building relationships, sharing the gospel, introducing people to communty. This comes out of a commitment both to the gospel proclaimed by God’s people, but also the church as the greatest apologetic of the gospel. The gospel is both proclaimed and displayed by and in the church. Again this is something that some have problems with. Are we saying that you can only become a Christian if you’ve experienced the Christian community?

“When considering this model, it is important to avoid imposing a supposed logical sequence. Often people ask which comes first: ‘introducing people to community’, ‘sharing the gospel’ or ‘building relationships’. None need be the first; nor need progress be make in one area before you can move into one of the others. In reality, any one of the three can occur first, and all three can sometimes begin to happen simultaneously. If one strand is missing, then, in God’s sovereign plan, the rope can still hold. But it is stronger when all three are present.” p. 59