Some people seem quite hesitant about our emphasis on ‘mission through community’, and the fact that we don’t often put on ‘evangelistic events’. Does this mean we don’t believe the gospel needs to be proclaimed for evangelism to take place? Are we relegating the spoken word below action?  The quote below helpfully explains what we are saying…

“Major events have a role to play in church life, but the bedrock of gospel ministry is low-key, ordinary, day-to-day work which often goes unseen. Most gospel ministry involves ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality. Whether it is helping a friend, working at the office or going to the cinema, there is a commitment to building relationships, modelling the Christian fiath and talking about the gospel as a natural part of conversation. People often ask if they can come to see our ministry at The Crowded House. But all there is to see is ordinary people doing ordinary things. There are no projects, no programmes, no ‘ministries’.

But the ‘ordinary’ is only a vehicle for Christian mission if there is gospel intentionality. The ordinary needs to be saturated with a commitment to living and proclaiming the gospel. The gospel is a message, and so mission only takes place as we share that word with people. A commitment to mission through community works only if the priority of the gospel is a strong value within that community. Otherwise we simply form good relationships that never go anywhere.” p 60-61