This is a quote from Tim Chester’s blog. I thought I’d include it here because it’s an interesting and helpful ‘outsider’ view on the planting I’m involved in with Steve Timmis…

“I was chatting to Steve Timmis yesterday about the church he leads. Unlike most of the churches in the Crowded House network, it meets in a building.  It is planting out three household churches this year – the second this coming Sunday. At the same time it keeps on growing and it is growing mainly through people inviting their unbelieving friends. This growth is great, but presents its own headaches. The Crowded House is committed to growing churches by planting churches rather than creating large congregations. So this growth means we are always trying to find leaders so churches can be planted. Steve has developed a group of leaders and structure in which they can be supported so three congregations can be planted. But already he is having to think from where the next leaders will come. Maybe, I thought, we should give up and live with the fact that this congregation is going to be large. But, even as a look of horror spread of Steve’s face, I realised that church planting and missional church must go together. This church is growing and people are inviting friends precisely because it has a commitment to continual church planting.

I[t] struck [me] that one of the links between the two is that if you are not committed to church planting then you have already said ‘No’ to significant change. And that signals, or perhaps even creates, a church culture in which mission is not the number one priority. You have already decided to maintain the status quo. And a maintenance mentality will always dampen mission. Mission requires us to live with change; to live on the edge.”