As some of you may know me and my wife are looking into how we can be involved with missional church planting in South Africa.

As you can imagine I was very excited then to find out about Stephen Murray (thanks Sam Groves for putting me on to him!). He’s set up a blog to get people in South Africa talking about doing missional church. Check it out!

This is what the site says about itself:

“The Gospel Conversation is a blog dedicated to discussing and spurring into action missional activity in our churches in South Africa. We are convinced that a commitment to Biblical Christianity will result in churches that proclaim Christ as King, engage culture, transform communities and seek the good of all those they come into contact with. This blog has those same agendas and seeks to promote them by promoting discussion around those topics through pointing to on-line resources and providing articles written by South Africans engaging in Gospel ministry.”

I was going to contact him about The Crowded House to see if what we do might be of any use in his thinking… but it looks like he’s already on to it. The first blog on the site, after the normal ‘welcome to this new blog’, is all about Tim Chester and Steve Timmis’ new book ‘Total Church’!


The book is well worth checking out, and only costs £9.99 which is very good for a new book. You can get it on Amazon or from IVP.