In a couple of weeks time we’re going to be ‘going household’ – we’re going to be planting a household church.

This is of course very exciting and so I’ve been telling people about it. The question asked in response is ‘where is it going to be’. Before I don’t think I’d have had any problems with that question. It would have been quite natural to ask where the church plant is going to be. But for some reason as people have asked that over the past few days I’ve found myself feeling slightly uneasy about it. It no longer seems a natural question to ask. In fact it feels an almost odd question to ask.

Yesterday I think I hit upon why. I no longer think of church in terms of a specific place. When people talk about my church I don’t think in terms of a building. My church come from all over the city. We meet at various places around the city. My church is the people, and so to ask ‘where is my church’ is a difficult question to answer at any given time! I’m not trying to be deliberatly provocative, and so I normally answer the question in terms of the area we’ll be doing most things in, and this seems to satisfy.

So where is your church?