Radstock 2007

This weekend Jo and I went to a conference run by ‘Radstock’.

For those who don’t know Radstock is a mission organisation with a difference… It links churches with churches for global mission. Radstock itself does not raise money, send missionaries or anything like that. Instead it facilitates a network of churches that link together throughout the world seeking to plant churches. (http://www.radstock.org/whereweare.html – check out the map… it looks like a doomsday scenario… hopefully of course it is the complete opposite!)

The conference this year saw people from Russia, Albania, the USA, Mongolia, the UK and Ireland come together to discuss mission throughout the world. It was really fantastic to see how a church from Luton had linked with a church in Albania and were looking to plant together in Macedonia. And it isn’t just a case of ‘church twinning’, a nice, comfortable ‘buddy partnership’. There are very genuine relationships between churches with the aim of planting churches for Christ.

What was particuarly encouraging was to see how some churches had avoided the ‘big brother (West)/little brother (East) syndrom that we can be so prone to. There seems to be a very real and humble partnership between the church in Luton and that in Albania where they serve and love each other, and with the result being churches planted!

As a result we as a church are looking at how we can partner with other churches in the task of church planting. Two areas we

are looking at in particular are South Africa and France… So if your church has a passion to reach people in these areas, or you know of any churches that do, let us know…